Simplicity and Elegance...

The map above was produced over 150 years ago and is an example of the work of Charles Joseph Minard, The graphic portrays Napoleon’s disastrous Russian campaign . Six levels of historical information are presented in one powerful design – geography, time, temperature, the course and direction of the army’s movement, and the losses sustained by Napoleon’s force.

Despite access to powerful computing tools, the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and to present results with simplicity and elegance remains a rare gift.

Revealing trends and truths...

Inspired by the likes of Minard, Hans Rosling and Edward Tufte, the intent here is to consider effective data visualisation...revealing trends and truths which take us beyond simplistic assumptions ....taking us to a place where we can learn and then make informed decisions.

Who ate all the pies!!..For serious data visualisation pie charts should be avoided. This is the only one left here.

Trends in Motion show change in forcecasts over prject duration, with facility to vary the parameters to be evaluated

meet the team...

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Note: Below the overall Project level lie the specific issues which reside within individual Disciplines.


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